ACOME Official was founded in July 2019 and distributed by PT. Wook Global Technology. As a gadget accessories brand, ACOME Official brings the latest technology innovations with well-designed products at low price. With "For The Young" slogan, we believe to our passion to create a better everyday life for the young generations.

In 2020, ACOME Official  believes in solid commitment to focus on developing more amazing and unique products with high aesthetic value. We hope, each young generations enjoy a better life through innovative technology. We relentlessly build strong image as a coolest gadget accessories. ACOME is made for young generations, ACOME for The Young.


Become a gadget
accessories expert
for the young generations daily life


Providing amazing and unique
gadget accessories products 
with high aesthetic value 
for the young generations


ACOME Official is inspired by strong desire of young generations. They are fearless in thinking new ideas and pushing their own boundaries, they are dare to be different. This fundamental value has lead every step of the way.

We are keep moving forward. We will continue our work to make ACOME more affordable. It reflects the dynamic behavior of young generations. ACOME can understand what they are really looking for, we can design new amazing and unique products that will delight them, and speak their language to reaches millions of hearts.